If you are only a few weeks away from a major social event (like your wedding) and still want a well designed, custom-made wedding or cocktail dress, we can help you out: Express dress made-to-measure in just ONE week! All it takes is a couple of fittings (depending on the design) within a few days in-between and your dress will be ready!
The steps:
  1. You take your own measurements as described in the Measure yourself page, fill out the form and send it online. Alternatively, we take it for you (digitally, or physically). It only takes 10 min.
  2. Choose the design of your dreams, either from our collection or anywhere else, and send us the respective pictures
  3. Visit us for your first fitting. In extreme situations we can also pay you a visit – @ your location, but this is extra 🙂
  4. Visit us for your second and last fitting and dress pickup.
This method is tested and has been perfected over the years in-house due to the increasing number of time-limited customer cases. The result is impressive and the made-to-measure gown quite spectacular, as you would expect from an haute couture house. It is highly recommended on time limited situations and it shows our skills and ability to work under pressure… Try it!