If you are located out of Athens, Greece and it is difficult to physically come for fittings but still want a made-to-measure quality dress, then we have the solution: Sur mesure by distance. It requires four simple steps:
  1. Take your own measurements as described in the respective page “Measure yourself” fill out the form and send it online. Alternatively, we take it for you (digitally). It only takes 10 min.
  2. Choose the design of your dreams, either from our collection or anywhere else, and send us the respective pictures
  3. As soon as we receive all details we inform you about the dress cost
  4. We make it, and deliver it at your place
This method has been tested and perfected over the last few years, as more and more greek women live abroad, or are too busy coming over for fittings. The result is equally impressive and cheaper as you save the transportation money back and forth.
If you can’t take your own measurements yourselves, ask from a friend or relative to help you. It does not require special skills. If you still feel insecure about it, we can arrange a video call (via Skype, Viber, Facetime, Messenger, etc) and do it for you, online.
Keep in mind that measurements have a relativity factor and even if you make a mistake in measuring we will know, as something won’t add up. So in the end nothing will be done, unless we have the right details.